Monday, 27 February 2012

Hereby this blog is born! Hurrah! Anyway.

Hi there! Now you may think ‘What am I reading? Why?’  If you are reading this blog you may be planning your year abroad in Alicante, Spain.

But do you know everything about living abroad? What about your destination? Where will you live? How are you managing to live in a city far from your home and friends?
Well, the aim of this blog is offering you some pieces of advice in such a new experience and encouraging you in your Spanish choice. We will show how students’ life in Alicante is.

Who is behind the screen? Why are he, she or they writing this blog? Actually we are two Erasmus students from Alicante, Elena and Luis, living in Norwich for some months and who write in order to encourage UEA students to live their experience abroad in the University of Alicante, our home university. We’ll show why Alicante or simply Spain (but please, let’s focus on Alicante) is the perfect place for studying, living and enjoy your year abroad. We are going to also work with a parallel blog, Vida Universitaria, in which you will find some things about UEA for Spanish people who had been encouraged to get there.

We both hope you'll enjoy this blog, participate and post a lot of comments!